What is the price of a home lift?

“-What does a home lift cost?” is a question we often receive. The answer naturally depends on the type of elevator you choose, the number of floors, and the options you add.

To provide a rough estimate, SWIFT’s 2-floor home lift is priced at approximately 600,000,000 Rupiah including VAT, installation and delivery.

To get a better understanding, it’s essential to know the factors that influence the price:

5 factors that influence the price of a home lift:

1.The model

SWIFT is available in two versions, SWIFT Lite and SWIFT Pro. SWIFT Lite is the more affordable model, while SWIFT Pro is the more advanced and expensive one.

Hissgrop - så funkar det på SWIFT Vad kostar en hiss

2.Number of floors:

The more floors, the higher the price. Each floor consists of a door, a shaft, and an extension of the drive unit.”

3.Design options:

There are several different options to choose from, such as the material for the shaft and various themes and colors. All these choices affect the price

Vad kostar en hiss

4.The complexity of the installation:

The cost of installing SWIFT is included in the price. Before the installation begins, a site inspection is conducted to ensure that everything is prepared according to SWIFT standards and recommendations. Additional costs may arise if extra assistance is needed to prepare a pit, cut a hole in the floor, or for post-work such as fitting around the lift.

Installera villahiss - så funkar det

5.Service and Maintenance:

“SWIFT offers a maintenance and service package, typically including two visits per year. The elevator comes with a 5-year warranty for manufacturing defects and a 10-year warranty for the screw/nut drive system. The maintenance and service package starts at 4.000.000 Rupiah per visit.

If you want to learn more about home lift prices, go to the ‘prices’ section.

If you also want to try building your own elevator and get a price, use our ‘build your elevator’ tool.”