How much does a platform lift based home lift cost?

Platform lifts cost depends on the size, number of floors and what options you choose.

To give a rough estimate, our 2-story residential lift SWIFT Pro costs approximately £30,000 including VAT and installation.

To get a more detailed estimate, it is good to understand what factors have an impact on the price.


5 factors that impact the platform lifts cost

  1. Model choice:

SWIFT comes in two versions, Lite and Pro. Lite is the cheaper model, while Pro is the more advanced and expensive one.

  1. Number of floors:

The more floors, the higher the price. Each floor consists of a door, a shaft, and an extension of the drive unit.

  1. Design choices:

There are several options to choose from, such as the material for the shaft and different themes and colors. All these choices affect the price.

  1. Installation cost:

The cost of installing SWIFT is included in the price. Before the installation begins, a site inspection is carried out to ensure that everything is prepared according to SWIFT standards and recommendations. Extra costs may be incurred if extra help is needed to prepare a pit, cut a hole in the floor, or do finish work such as trimming around the elevator.

  1. Maintenance and service:

SWIFT offers a maintenance and service package, which typically includes two visits per year. The elevator has a 5-year warranty for manufacturing defects and a 10-year warranty for the screw/nut drive system. The maintenance and service package starts at 200 Euro per visit.