100% Battery Driven

The SWIFT Tesla inspired
battery system is based on
3 components:

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1. An advanced IPM SynRM Motor

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2. A unique SWIFT Motor controller

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3. A special SWIFT Battery Pack

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1. IPM SynRM Motor

SWIFT uses the same type of drive motor as Tesla and other EV cars – a so called IPMSynRM motor. It is more advanced than a conventional induction motor and stands out for its efficiency, performance, control capabilities and reliability.

2. SWIFT Motor controller

Combining our IPMSynRM motor with a unique SWIFT Motor Controller enables several advantages:

  • Smooth acceleration
  • Precise speed
  • Soft landing

3. SWIFT Battery Pack

Combining SWIFT Motor + Motor Controller with SWIFT Lead Acid Battery Pack, completes the innovation and enables more unique features:

  • Energy saving – By absorbing the break energy into the batteries when the lift go downwards, we re-use energy. Basically every 4th trip will be for “free”. We call it SWIFT EcoDrive.
  • 1-phase power – Using the battery pack reduces the peak power, which enables the lift to be charged on standard 1-phase.
  • Anti-Trap – The battery pack itself enables continous operation even if your home has a mains power outage.