Preparations needed before installation?

It normally takes 2-4 days to install an elevator based on a “platform lift type” solution. The more floors the more time needed.

Prior to installation, you need to consider how much space you have available and where the home lift can be placed. SWIFT requires minimal space below and above the home lift. The most important thing to prepare is the correct dimensions for the “hole-through-the-floor” and the pit (if you want the door to be flush with the floor).

Normally, SWIFT simply checks that this preparation work has been done in the right way by checking the drawings or making the actual measurements during the home visit. At additional cost SWIFT can also manage the preparation of the pit and the cut out of the “hole-through-the-floor.”

If the home lift is to be installed in the middle of a staircase, SWIFT needs to review drawings to make sure there are sufficient fixing points.