What lifts for homes are there?

There are several types of elevators and lifts to meet different needs and requirements in buildings and homes. The most common lifts or elevators for public use are traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, pneumatic elevator and other conventional lifts driven by belts, oil and counterweights.

Such passenger lifts are suitable for multi-floors hotels, airports and other public buildings that require high speed and high capacity in order to transport thousands of people. These passenger lifts require a lot of safety space both under and above the lift, a separate shaft, additional landing doors on each floor, 3-phase power preparation and lots of building work. Normally these are not elevators that you put in a home.

In other public places such as museums, railway stations, schools, a “platform lift type” elevator provides a simpler and cheaper alternative. Platform lifts run at a slower speed and are most often installed to fullfill accessibility requirements. A platform lift can be driven by a screw and nut system, chains or a hydraulic solution. The design is mostly focusing on a disability need, ergonomic aspects and to have a solution that can resist heavy use, rain, dirt, vandalism and misuse. Neither these lifts are normally put in a private homes.

To solve accessible problems for elderly and disabled people in private homes, there are a number of 1st generation home lift solutions. These include stair lifts, floor lifts, chair lifts, as well as pneumatic home lifts and vacuum lifts. Most of these have a design focusing on a “disability problem” and to keep design and cost as low as possible. These home lift solutions do their job, but ecstatically they are not made for a beautiful living room or for people without an immediate “need”.

SWIFT is a new breed of home lifts which combines the performance of traditional lifts, the safety, ergonomics and simplicity of “disability lifts” with the latest technology and design concepts. SWIFT simply takes advantage of the simple and functional nature of a platform lift, while maintaining the beauty and power of a conventional lift.

Whether you are renovating your home, or designing a new home, and you want a domestic house lift – regardless of being young, middle age, elderly, able or disable you should check this out. Our home lift is designed around typical home conditions, normal modern families and with technology and esthetics in focus.

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