How does it work with a pit?

Conventional elevators often require significant space below the elevator for safety reasons, as well as ample room above for a machine room. While this setup is typically feasible in commercial buildings, it presents challenges in private homes where space is limited.


At SWIFT, we’ve addressed these concerns by designing our home elevator to eliminate the need for such extensive space requirements. Our innovative solution allows for flexible installation options, ensuring seamless integration into your home without sacrificing valuable space.


Our home elevator can be installed directly on the floor, with just a small ramp for accessibility, or alternatively, it can be installed in a 50 mm pit. Installing the elevator in a pit enables the door to be flush with the floor, providing a sleek and seamless transition between floors.


This approach not only maximizes space utilization, but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. With SWIFT, you can enjoy the convenience of a home elevator without the hassle of accommodating extensive space requirements.


Whether you choose to install the elevator directly on the floor or in a pit, our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support throughout the installation process. We ensure that your home elevator seamlessly integrates into your space, offering convenience, accessibility, and style without compromise.