En liten hiss från SWIFT installerad i ett hem. Bild 2.
En liten hiss från SWIFT installerad i ett hem. Bild 1.

SWIFT Lite – a small house lift

A small house lift designed to meet the requirements of a limited budget without compromising on style and comfort.

SWIFT Lite offers many of the same features as the SWIFT Pro such as EcoDrive, AntiTrap, SWIFT Safety and SWIFT Remote. The house lift has classic elevator buttons and a limited range of design options. The lift colour is Traffic White with an image bond ArtWall, white LED side lights and a Vinyl Black flooring. SWIFT Lite is available in 4 different sizes.

SWIFT Lite has many of the SWIFT Pro features such as EcoDrive, AntiTrap, SWIFT Safety and SWIFT Remote, but comes with classic elevator buttons and only has a limited range of design options.​

The lift colour is Traffic White with an image bond Artwall with Sidelights of white LED. The carpet is a sand grey EcoNyl EGE Carpet. SWIFT Lite comes in 4 different sizes. ​

Select design combinations

Each design theme has been carefully developed by SWIFT with inspiration from nature, interior home design and the usage of technology and light. Make sure your lift blends in or stands out as an art piece.

Lift color:

Traffic White

Lift carpet:

Una Micro Grey

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Lift colours

Choose one of the following 2 colours for your house lift.

Traffic White


Jet Black



SWIFT Lite comes with a Vinyl Black flooring as standard. As option you can choose Una Micro Grey from Danish design company Ege Carpet. The yarn is then recycled micro fibre.

Vinyl Black

Ege – Una MicroGrey (optional)

Lifts for houses - SWIFT smart safety

SWIFT Safety

A house should be safe for all members of your family – children, grandparents and pets included. That is why we developed safety sensors and smart doors to prevent children’s fingers from getting squeezed and even equipped the house lift with features such as child lock or options to restrict users from accessing certain areas of your home. We also made sure our house lift has dual safety breaks for complete peace of mind. All lifts can be remotely accessible by our SWIFT service team ready to provide quick support if need be.

Anti-trap system

For complete peace of mind. Thanks to the Tesla-inspired battery solution you don’t need to worry about getting trapped inside the lift in case there is a mains power failure. SWIFT’s unique “anti-trap” system will ensure that the house lift continues to operate with normal speed and functionality.

electricity and fuses needed for SWIFT

Control system

The lift computing software is powered by Thor Engineering™– one of the most powerful, smart and reliable elevator control systems in the world. In general the system responds 20% quicker to user commands than other systems on the market.

A small house lift, but with maximised sizes.


Floor size: 830×1000 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons
Hole through floor: 940×1425 mm


Floor size: 830×1100 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons
Hole through floor: 940×1525 mm


Floor size: 1200×1000 mm
Rated load: 400 kg / 5 persons
Hole through floor: 1310×1425 mm


homelift sizes from sWIFT

Floor size: 1400×1100 mm
Rated load: 400 kg / 5 persons
Hole through floor: 1510×1525 mm

Technical specifications – SWIFT Lite

Technical specifications – SWIFT Pro

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Number of floors: 2 to 6 floors​

Weight capacity: 250 kg/ 3 persons or 400 kg/ 5 persons

Speed: 0.15 m/s (0,3m/s optional)

Drive: Screw & Nut EcoDrive with Dynamic Charge

Power Supply: 220 V 1-phase, 6A (8A fuse), 900W

Control system: Thor Engineering™

Lift control: One Touch

Anti-Trap system: Included (Full operation battery backup)

Automatic lubrication: Included

Smart Home Integration: No

SWIFT Safety: Included

Technical Compliance: European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / European standard EN81-41

Sustainability: More than 90% recycable material


Color of shaft: Traffic White​ RAL 9016​, Jet Black RAL 9005​

(Color type: Jotun Anti-Scratch with Sahara texture finish and gloss 12%)​

Total travel: 250 to 15 000 (mm​)

Top height: 2 275 to 3 500 (mm)

Doors / Floor: 1

Shaft light: No

Ceiling: Ceiling and Top Lid optional

Shaft material: Steel (10 mm) and laminated clear glass (10 mm)

Doors: Double glass doors

Automatic door openers/closer: Included

Backside cover: Optional


Platform sizes (mm): S, M, L, XL

Carpet: Vinyl Black (standard), Ege Carpet ECONYL© – Una Micro Grey (optional)

ArtWall: Image Bond White

Side lights: White 6500K

Control panel: Touch Buttons

Emergency phone: Optional – Safeline™ with cable or GSM

Emergency stop button: Included

Platform bottom cover: No


Installation: Recessed installation 50 mm in a pit or directly on floor with a door sill​

Warranty: 5 years of lift, 10 years of drive (see conditions)

SWIFT Remote: Optional​


Easy installation

A-rated energy consumption


Patented (pending) drive system

Anti-trap system

SWIFT remote

Environmentally friendly

Technical compliance

SWIFT Home Lifts