SWIFT People

Portrait of the month

NAME: Fredrik Gülich
ROLE: Production and BC Specialist
AGE: 41
LIVE: Shanghai, China

Your journey in brief?
I’ve been working with all kinds of different production my whole life. From working in a kitchen with food production to mechanical production. After joining Aritco in 2008 to develop production processes and work methods, I realised how big the field can be. In 2021, I became a part of SWIFT, to take our home lift production to the next level.

Your role at SWIFT is Production and Business Central Specialist. What does that mean?
To build production processes and information flow in factory, so the operator knows what to do and when. That is what production is all about in a nut shell. 🥜

In your younger years you worked as a chef, so what are the similarities and differences between working in a kitchen vs in a factory?
The biggest difference is that in a kitchen, you receive immediate feedback from the customer for what you do, but shipping items from a factory to the customer takes time, and so does the feedback loop. However, there is no difference when it comes to quality. You always have to deliver excellence to avoid customer complaints.

Your signature dish?
Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. 🥔

Stockholm or Shanghai?
Hard to say, but Stockholm is my hometown.

Landlubber or Fish in the water?
Fish in the water. 🐠

Your happy place?
At home with my family and in the ocean, scuba diving with friends. 🤿

When you’re not working how do you prefer to spending your time?
I enjoy training, hiking, and swimming, but what matters most to me is spending time with family and friends. 🏊

Your favorite SWIFT feature?
That it’s a 100% battery driven lift, to make sure it works at all times. 🔋

Your 3 daily routines?
Brewing coffee, drinking coffee, and then heading to the office and the factory—after that, you never know what might happen. The plan you made the evening before will most likely change. ☕️

The most memorable moment on your SWIFT journey so far?
Starting my position in the factory in Shanghai during covid. 🏙

Looking at what you’ve achieved so far, what are you most proud of?
I take pride in training the team I work with. We have worked towards building up our production together, and seeing their growth and contribution is particularly rewarding. 🤲🏼

What’s your motto in life?
Get shit done. Fast and 100% correct the first time. ✔️

One thing you cannot live without when you work? Music. When I need to stay one hundred percent focused to complete a task, good music helps. 🎧

Your favourite Karaoke song?
Forever Young by Alphaville. 🎤

On your bucket list? More traveling and scuba diving. 🌏