Which types of houses are suitable for screw-driven home lifts?

In comparison to conventional elevators, or lifts using other technical solutions, the main benefit of a screw driven home lift is its small size and simple installation.

SWIFT Pro and SWIFT Lite are luxury home elevators that are suitable for homes with 2-6 floors where space is limited. The position of the installation is flexible and the home elevator can either be installed against a wall, freestanding with fixtures on each landing, or be installed and fixed in the middle of a staircase. The lift can be installed right on the floor, or recessed in a pit of only 50 mm.

If you are looking for a compact lift for homes, with simple installation and minimal building work required, our home elevator is an optimal choice. A SWIFT home elevator is a convenient choice for both newly constructed houses or retrofits in existing homes. Various design options allow you to find a luxury home elevator that smoothly blends into your home.

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