SWIFT People

Portrait of the month

NAME: Dan Bengtsson
ROLE: Design Engineer
AGE: 47
LIVE: Falkenberg, Sweden

Your journey in brief?
– Education in electronics, but worked with mechanics and electronics, both in practice and in theory. ⚙️🔩🖥

What do you love most about what you do at SWIFT?
– The big variation of work duties. 🌈

What’s your tips for a good start of the day?
– Don’t rush! Take your time to eat a good breakfast. 🥣🍳☕️

Tea or Coffee?
– Coffee, black. ☕️

Your ultimate life hack?
– Egg boiler on a timer, wake up to freshly boiled eggs every morning. 🥚⏲

How does a normal workday look like?
– Teams meeting with the colleges around the world in the morning, solve problems in the afternoon. 💻🌍

One thing you cannot live without at work?
– My headset for Teams meetings. 🎧

Looking at what you’ve achieved so far, what are you most proud of?
– In the end it is all the details combined that makes a great product, so all solutions that work as intended is worth to be proud of. ⭐️

Which SWIFT feature do you like the most?
– Its home automation capabilities. 💯

If you would give one piece of advice to someone who wants to pursue their career in product development, what would that be?
– If you don’t believe in the product you are developing, you will not find it interesting, and in the end, you won’t do a great job. 💎

Your motto in life?
– Think first, then act. 💭

Beach or mountain?
– Beach. 🏖

Fish (Salmon here i Falkenberg), veggies or meat?
– Love food, so all the above. 🍣🍆🌽🍗

What is your happy place?
– In the summertime, at the beach with a cold drink. In the wintertime, under the hood of an old Chevy. 🍹 🚙

For someone who’s never been to Falkenberg (where SWIFT R&D Centre is located), can you describe it?
– Falkenberg is a charming little town on the Best Coast, as we like to call it here – Sweden’s West Coast. You’ll find charming streets, nice cafés, food markets, and cool spots to eat like Prostens Pizza, Skrea Matbruk, Lilla Napoli, and Ästad Vineyard. If you like fishing, the Ätran River offers plenty of salmon. However, Falkenberg is perhaps best known for its long sandy beaches, like Skrea Strand with its pretty pier and bathing jetty! 🌊

The best advice you have ever received (so far)?
– Never ever give up! 👊🏽 If you could choose, to what innovation would you like to be the inventor of? Cure for cancer. 🔬👨‍🔬🧪

What’s on your bucket list?
– Visit Kennedy Space Center (NASA). 🔭🚀

Future dreams?
– Own a farm with lot of machinery. 🏚

Your favorite means of movement besides SWIFT?
– My 1965 C10 pickup truck. I do love new technology and everything that is considered “hi-tech” but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy simple things that don’t need a computer to run. 🚛