What are the advantages of screw-driven lifts?

The screw and nut drive system was originally developed in Sweden for use in public places such as museums, railway stations, schools and shops.

There are numerous benefits of the screw and nut solution. First of all it is extremely safe, robust and reliable. Secondly it is very space efficient and the solutions as a whole is very compact thus require little space and limited building work. The SWIFT EcoDrive is also very silent and provides a smooth ride. In comparison to conventional elevators a screw and nut drive system requires little or no maintenance.

The maximum speed of 0,15 m/s to 0.3 m/s (outside Europe) is optimal for buildings with just a few floors.

If your house has more than 6 floors, and you still want to install a home lift, we recommend other solutions than screw and nut.