I don't know how to measure the height of my floors?

To ensure the correct measurement of your home is crucial when proceeding to finally order the product. The wrong height of the lift can still be handled by SWIFT, but it will cause unwanted delay and extra cost. When reaching the final stage, and in order to ensure the correct measurement, a SWIFT technician will visit your home and check the drawings.

However, well before reaching the final stage of ordering, and to create an initial draft of a quote and cost estimate, it is helpful to conduct a preliminary measurement yourself.

SWIFT is a digital-first brand, and we provide some simple tools to help you measure the total height of your house remotely. Contact us >>

When measuring the height of floors in a private home accurately, there are several methods and tools that can be utilized. Here are some tips:

Measuring Tape:

A standard measuring tape is a basic yet effective tool for measuring the height of a home. Begin by locating where the lift will be positioned, then start measuring by extending the tape vertically from the ground up to the peak, ensuring it remains straight. Record the measurement in meters and millimeters.

Laser Distance Meter:

For more precise measurements, consider using a laser distance meter. These devices emit a laser beam to determine distances accurately. Position yourself at a suitable distance from the home and aim the laser at the highest point. The device will provide an instant measurement of the height.

Smartphone Apps:

Various smartphone apps are available that utilize the device’s camera and sensors to measure distances and heights accurately. These apps often use augmented reality or other technologies to provide precise measurements.

Don´t forget the inter floor distance:

When using any of these tools, it’s essential to take multiple measurements from different vantage points to ensure accuracy. Once the height of the home is determined, it can be used to calculate the total height of the SWIFT lift product as needed. Additionally, to calculate the total distance between the bottom floor and top floor, it is crucial to include the distance between floors, also known as the inter-floor construction. This is easy if your builder has already prepared a hole through the floor or if your floor plan is open. Determining the distance on a closed floor might be more challenging, requiring you to refer to the drawings of your home or consult your builder.

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A SWIFT drawing showing the distance between floors.