How much service is recommended?

If you’re considering installing a home elevator in your home, you might have concerns about the maintenance and service requirements.

If you choose SWIFT and our platform type of home lift, you don´t need to worry at all. Unlike conventional elevators, SWIFT requires very little service and maintenance, providing peace of mind and cost saving to you as a homeowner.

Maintaining optimal performance of your home lift is essential, and SWIFT offers a comprehensive “Service and Maintenance Package” to address this need. This package includes two service visits per year, during which experienced technicians review the lift’s performance, upgrade software as needed, and replace wear and tear items such as oil and belts. These regular visits ensure that your lift operates smoothly and efficiently, enhancing its longevity and reliability.

One common worry among homeowners is the potential cost and frequency of maintenance visits. However, with SWIFT, you can rest assured that your lift will be well taken care of without breaking the bank. In fact, when purchasing a SWIFT lift, you receive two years of free Service and Maintenance included. Even after the initial two years, you have the option to extend the package at an additional cost, providing continued peace of mind.

Another concern is the quality and responsiveness of the technicians providing service and maintenance. With SWIFT, you can expect nothing but the best. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality service and support, ensuring that your home lift operates at its best. Whether it’s addressing maintenance issues or providing technical assistance, our technicians are prompt, professional, and committed to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, SWIFT is committed to continually improving your home lift’s performance over time. Through regular service visits and software upgrades, your lift will only get better and better, offering enhanced comfort and convenience for you and your family. In conclusion, if you’re worried about the maintenance and service of a platform lift installed in your home, rest assured that SWIFT will take good care of your lift and provide high-quality service and maintenance. With minimal service requirements, affordable maintenance packages, and dedicated support from our team of technicians, you can enjoy the benefits of your home lift worry-free.


Service frequency of a home lift