Villa Vidablick

Villa Vidablick

Welcome to Villa Vidablick on the West Coast of Sweden, also known as the Best Coast. From this two-story villa, you can gaze out over Sweden’s Surfing Paradise – Apelviken outside Varberg. The brand-new wooden house is characterized by Scandinavian design with plenty of natural light, open and spacious areas, and natural materials. Therefore, the SWIFT Pro with ArtWall Perching Bird fits perfectly with the rest of the interior in Villa Vidablick and the nature surrounding the house.

Model: SWIFT Pro
Floors: 2
Lift Size: Extra Large, XL
Lift Colour: Traffic White
ArtWall: Perching Bird
Lift Carpet: Linen Grey
Location: Varberg, West Coast of Sweden  

SWIFT Pro is located in the heart of the house – adjacent to the kitchen and living room on the lower floor with quick and easy access to the upper floor, which houses a social area and balcony overlooking Sweden’s surf beach Apelviken.

SWIFT Pro serves as an uplifting light source in the evening – both indoors and outdoors.

Wooden staircase and natural light entering through the large windows. The purity and simplicity are the finesse of Scandinavian design.

SWIFT Pro with a glass exterior wall also provides a beautiful influx of light, and the ArtWall Perching Bird becomes like an extension of the surrounding nature at Villa VIdablick..

This newly built wooden villa on the Swedish west coast will age gracefully in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Large sliding glass panels that, when opened, create an outdoor inside and an indoor outside.

A kitchen and kitchen island in oak with a light gray polished granite countertop is both stylish and durable over time.