Villa Ivory Tower

Villa Ivory Tower

Welcome to this dreamy home decorated in neo-Chinese style! Here, you are surrounded by a design aesthetic that combines traditional Chinese design elements with influences from the Western classical style.

This is a modern interpretation of classical Chinese architecture and design, blending traditional materials with modern building techniques and design principles. A stylish mix of the historical and the modern (with a SWIFT Pro representing the latter and the future), where the family of Villa Ivory Tower has managed to create their own design expressions. 

Model: SWIFT Pro
Floors: 3
Lift Size: Large
Lift Colour: Traffic White
ArtWall: Electrical Opal
Lift Carpet: Stitch Black
Location: China  

Window, window on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? SWIFT Pro

Aim for the stars and you’ll reach this cool SWIFT Pro ceiling.

Wooden floor, different shades of white, and plenty of glass create a bright and calm feeling.

Stairs or lift? The family behind Villa Ivory Tower chose to have a wooden staircase and a SWIFT Pro side by side.